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DrumPulse Entertainment features the world's most talented team of DJs who undergo a rigorous screening process to be affiliated with the DrumPulse brand. DJs are screened for talent(i.e raw DJ skills, diversity in music taste & stage presence), genuine passion, diversity of experiences and a commitment to high standards. Get to know our DJs. Biographies, pictures and videos of our DJs are provided below.

DJ Kweks
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Music Genres: Hiphop, Reggae, Pop, African
Style: Upbeat, high energy & dynamic
Years of Experience: 7 Years
Origin: Ghana
Location: District of Columbia
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DJ Kweks is a brand name to reckon with in the DMV(DC, MD, VA)’s international entertainment scene. For years he has produced some of the most glamorous and mind blowing multi-cultural events to make African music and culture a staple of DC’s rich entertainment scene. Popularly known for his incredible talent, high energy international fusion mixes and high quality standards, DJ Kweks is a favorite of DMV’s young professional and adult crowd. His events are the talk of the city and are usually packed with hundreds of professionals and representatives of various races and cultures DC has to offer. His events include African independence and other holiday parties as well as special social networking mixer parties. DJ Kwek’s unique creativity and diverse taste in music, natural command of the dance floor and captivating DJ performances is rare and what sets him apart from the best DJs. This is why he has been dubbed the DJ with the midas touch by his clients.
DJ Kweks’ reputation extends beyond the DMV area. In November 2010 and March 2012 he was selected out of hundreds of DJs by Wharton(University of Pennsylvania) and Harvard University to play at the...

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Music Genres: African Music, Hiphop, Reggae, House, pop
Style: Upbeat
Years of Experience: 5 Years
Origin: Cameroon
Location: Maryland
Nigerian                                              Wedding

DJ T is one of the most naturally talented international DJs with an impressive track record not just as a DJ but also as a percussionist with various live bands. He has played with some of the best African and Caribbean bands all over the world. For more than 20 years, he played some of the largest live performances and concerts(over 250000 people) and shared the stage with big name African artist such as Awilo Logomba, Ndedie Eyango, Petit Pays, Monique Seka, etc. This foundation in music production, stage performance, diversity in music combined with his in-depth insight in rhythm and customers’ taste for music has distinguished DJ T as one of the most creative and impressive live DJ performers. Over the years, DJ T has shocked clients at various events with his exceptional ecstatic high energy mixes and incredible command of the dance floor. He rose up the DJ ranks almost immediately when he became a DJ in 2008 due to wide and rapid word-of-mouth spread of his amazing talent and legendary. In June 2012, we was selected out 100s of DJs by the national museum of African art to play at the Africa Underground – One of Washington DC’s largest and mos...

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